Recently I had a pleasure to meeting and documenting a day the life of Nancarrow's, the Australian family living in Dubai and gratefully calling it home since 2007.  At the beginning of the session they were not sure and felt a bit awkward not knowing what to do.. and a few minutes later the whole family was laid back and acted normally interacting with each other, loving, enjoying their family day off together. The boys were playing, jumping and running around, acting silly as boys of their age normally do. As soon as I entered their home, the older boy met me  with his construction in his hands which he proudly demonstrated to me. At the very beginning, at this moment, while I was still in the dining room, I felt the love and closeness of this family and how proud they were having each other, which was showed off on the wall of their dining room of their beautiful family portraits. As I walked further, to their living room, I got to meet the rest of the family,  Mark and Eliza, the parents, a younger brother and the newborn twin girls. Mark and Eliza started going out after a few short months working together in Dubai, were engaged within a year and married shortly afterwards. Now they have 4 beautiful children, two boys, 5 and 4 years old and newborn  girls. Eliza gave birth to all her children in Dubai . She says Edward was  5.11 kg (11.2 pounds) when he was born,the biggest baby ever in the Zahra hospital at the time. All other babies were born in the City Hospital. Eliza is very proud to say all her babies were born naturally and she breastfed them all!  She also says that even though she is a working mum she has always taken the maximum amount of time off when the kids are little because it really is so important to give them the best start. When they found out they were having twins it was a bit of a shock! Eliza says: "Of course we weren't expecting to double the number of kids we had overnight. and it did force us to change some things logistically, for example, we had to buy a new (second hand!) car. In moments of anxiety people would tell me that once they arrive you won't be able to imagine life without them, and it's totally true! I have some help in the day to clean the house and to help with the older boys, and because the twins were in NICU for a few weeks and we felt they were so tiny when we brought them home, we had a night nurse for a month which gave us piece of mind and allowed us to sleep between feeds. We are so blessed and just so lucky to have twins! We love seeing their bond already, it's just amazing! Plus they are so cute! Thanks so much to Anna for capturing a normal Friday morning for us. It was such an easy and natural experience. "