Life style photo sessions are becoming more popular because they are something special to each family.  You can have thousands of portraits, which will only show your look, your personalities, but not your family story. You have your home, where everything is so dear to you,  the furniture, which you were choosing so carefully, the sofa where you relax in the evening after a hard day, your children's bedrooms, where you spend every night, your children's play area,  your own bed,  the pictures on the wall. You may move your houses, or even countries, and these memories are priceless. They are so special to you that you want to remember every small thing in your family home, so this photo session lets you to document all this.   Every family is special on its own way, and every family had its own values, so to make sure I am capturing the right story, it is important for me to meet with the family beforehand and get to know each member of the family and discuss the scenario that you would like to document. The location isn't that important for this kind of session, because for me its about people relationships, but not so much about the location we are shooting at.    My sessions are never a rush, but instead they are relaxed with lots of candid moments and there will be no pressure on your kids to perform and no pressure on any other family members who is camera shy. During this session you will be allowed 15 min for your family portraits in order to get plenty of photos of your family members all looking at the camera and smiling. The rest of the session we will all be having fun, chatting, cuddling, tickling, and most importantly, we will be creating a story of your family life. 




These sessions are really special and a must to every new mum out there. You just gave a birth to your long waited baby, and you want to remember those first days which will pass in a blink of an eye and  you will never remember them again. 

I do newborn posing sessions where I will capture your baby in a few cute poses as well as newborn lifestyle sessions which are more relaxed and the whole family is welcome to participate in it. 




It is very individual for maternity sessions. In general it is between 25 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. 

It is never too soon to book you newborn photo session. You can book it provisional date at the same time your are booking your maternity session and once the baby arrives you will need to let me know and we will book you in and adjust the date if need be. The best time to photograph your newborn is between 5 and 17 days. The session typically lasts 3 hours but can run up to 4 hours depending on how well the baby settles or the number of feeds required throughout the session.  This flexibility gives us plenty of time to allow baby to settle into the environment and for us to capture the sleepy and curled up poses that you see in my images.  The older a baby gets the more they stretch out and become more awake and alert and makes the images difficult to achieve.  



All portrait sessions usually take about 1-2 hours. I will be taking a selection of emotive images of you or your child that brings out the best in you and your children. Clothing and styling is very important in these sessions to give the right feel to your images. Please look through the galleries for inspiration and contact me for advice on what works well. I suggest that you prepare about three outfits and I will look through and advise what I think will work best. I really want the images I take to capture you or your child/children looking natural and with no forced expressions. These sessions are for those wanting something very special to hang on the wall. 

 During your child/children's portrait sessions you can sit back and enjoy seeing your child being photographed. I will quietly direct and encourage your child all the way through the session to get the very best from them.  I will be guided by their capabilities so that they feel comfortable and at ease. I will take as many photographs as I feel I need to get some truly special images for you. Photographic session times vary depending on the child - they can last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.



To  book photo session date, contact me via "Contact"  or telephone and discuss your requirements. 

At this stage I will get all the relevant information about what you would like from your session and discuss clothing.  Once a suitable date has been agreed a deposit of AED 250 is required to secure your appointment time. This deposit is non-refundable but fully transferable if you need to change your appointment time. The balance of your session fee is due on the day of your appointment. When booking a photography session you agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated on this website. Please read through these before coming to the studio, as they contain important information. 





Sometimes an enquiry will come through, and the response will be "you're too expensive" "I can get them cheaper elsewhere" "is that for everything" "why are your digital images so expensive" "we don't want prints" "can we have all the unedited images"


I am guilty of doing this also to other professionals in other industries, sometimes... Whenever I have had two quotes and I would go for a cheaper one, and almost every time in this case somethings went wrong, either the service wasn't as good or as I expected it to be, or the product would be not of a good quality and therefore wouldn't last long..


My packages maybe more expensive than the photographer down the street that gives you all your images on disc for AED 250 or so, because:

1. I have invested in myself and my business, for which I am very proud because I truly believe my images speak to themselves, as I love what I do. 

2.  I also pride myself for being trained by the best photographers worldwide, as well as being trained and put a safety first at my newborn sessions, so  I can ensure you, your baby is in safe hands.

3. I am mobile, I bring my studio to you, which makes it more convenient to you. You don't have to waist your time in traffic, or worry for parking or just feeling uncomfortable in the studio..

4. My sessions are never a rush. I take time until achieving great results. They are natural, relaxed, and children led. For more information, you can read some testimonials from my clients experience here

5. Once your session is complete your images are fully edited.. skin tones, blemishes corrected.. colours changed, etc. this takes time.. on every single image.


Some other questions I get asked, such as: 

"why can't I have all of my images, you've already edited them" - well, let's put it this way, the bakers have already made the fresh bread and cakes.. but just because you buy a big loaf doesn't mean they will give you a load of free other cakes.

"why can"t I have all the unedited images" - because these represent me and my work, a finished image is like an artist finishing a painting or a cake maker decorating a cake.. 

"why are the digitals more expensive than the prints"  - It takes a lot of time and effort to edit each image, and then when you buy digitals,  you can reprint your images as much as you like and from wherever you like, you can use the image to have canvases made, have it printed on t-shirts etc. 

In short, you pay for the use of my extensive collection of props and equipment, my time, skills, experience, creative talent and professional post session editing of every single image. 



It depends on your photo session that you choose.

On average:

From a Family lifestyle session or Love story session you get up to 350 photos.

From A Newborn session you get 15+ images depending on a package that you choose.

From a Portrait Sessions you get 5+ photos depending on a package that you choose.

Please contact me for more info. 


Typically, the processing of photographs takes about three weeks. If the photos are needed urgently, we can discuss and agree on the dates for you.

 Before you see your images I will carefully go through all the photographs taken in your session and select the very best ones for you to view. I will then spend several hours working on them to ensure you see them at their finest. They will be cleaned up, colour balanced, and edited to remove any blemishes in order to make sure your child looks their best. They will also be adjusted to give a beautiful 'Fine Art' feel to them. When you view your images you will see them in a selection of colour and black and white finishes.

You can view your images on a special online password-protected gallery.

Viewing online: Your images will be available to view online for seven days.  In exceptional circumstances I will upload them again for an additional seven days, for which a AED 100 administration fee will be charged.  I am of course more than happy to offer help with choosing your images if you would like me to. 


Most people feel awkward posing in a stuffy studio with more equipment than an operating room. My clients feel the same way, so I do away with all that and take you to a gorgeous outdoor location where you can relax and just be yourself while I create the most amazing portraits you can imagine, and while it's too hot to shoot outside, I bring my studio to you and do your portrait or your lifestyle shoot at the comfort of your own home or your chosen indoor location   - all in a very natural and relaxed way. 

If you like what I do, and you think I am the photographer you are looking for, let's meet and talk about you and how I can help you.  





I live and shoot in the UAE, but I am willing to travel for your shoot anywhere in the world. You are welcome to contact me to discuss the details. 



Ask me and I will reply to you within the next 24 hours.